Cyber Security And Cyber Space Operations

IIT provides cyber security support services to military, government, and commercial clients. Designed to work within customers’ existing IIT infrastructures, our services provide value through hands-on involvement with the technologies at the heart of today’s complex information systems.

IIT services include:

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
IIT provides assistance to organizations in responding to and surviving information technology emergencies through collaboration with national and international teams to identify malicious activity at the earliest opportunity. IIT offers a range of information protection services to provide clients with the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures relevant to their infrastructure and business sector.

Computer Forensic Analysis and Investigation
Network and host-based cyber forensics involve situations where data is stolen, or network misuse warrants further investigation and potential law enforcement involvement. As a key law enforcement support function, IIT has extensive experience with forensic analysis, evidence preservation, incident reconstruction, and data recovery.

Computer Incident Response
IIT provides a cost-efficient strategy for dealing with network security incidents. IIT has demonstrated expertise in designing Computer Incident Response Facilities and Teams, and can assist in building your team, to include development of technical and procedural policies and provide training resources. IIT also offers remote assistance and on-site incident analysis and recovery services.

Network Penetration Testing
Today’s hackers are smarter, faster, and harder to track than ever before. Penetration testing, sometimes referred to as Internet security auditing, network security assessment, or ethical hacking, involves using a trusted third party to perform penetration assignments to ensure that the organization maintains an effective barrier against a myriad of potential threats. It takes an expert to recognize what a skilled hacker can do. IIT’s penetration testing team has the experience and tools to yield high quality results. IIT’s team researches the latest security issues, technologies, vulnerabilities and exposures, and uses this information to develop practical penetration tests, using an extensive suite of open source testing tools. IIT’s testing approach is designed to provide clients with an accurate assessment of their security issues and needs and enables them to stay far ahead of individual hackers and organized cyber attack teams.
IIT’s penetration testing methodology is both unobtrusive and ongoing. Testing is performed at random times throughout each cycle: business hours, nights, weekends, holidays, and peak hours. Significant time has been dedicated to ensuring that penetration testing does not slow down a network. In many instances, clients’ firewalls, IDS’ and other software have been completely unaware of the penetration testing. This allows IIT to test for security gaps that are more likely to appear during heavy traffic periods, without reducing client network response time. IIT’s independence from affiliation with specific tools and technologies ensures that our clients receive unbiased and complete results.

PCI Audits and Compliance
IIT provides complete PKI systems lifecycle solutions: initial needs assessment, architecture design, applications development, system implementation, and turn-key Certificate Authority (CA) or a CA managed service.

Privacy Encryption
In a world increasingly dependent on information technology, concerns about the lack of security online and the potential loss of privacy are paramount. IIT professionals provide privacy PKI and related services that secure communications, to help ensure the privacy of our clients’ valuable online information.

Remote Monitoring
IIT will work with you to implement an intrusion detection solution that will provide daily coverage of your network. IIT ensures reporting and incident analysis, provides an identification of the malicious activity, and recommends immediate actions to protect critical systems.

Testing and Evaluation
Through extensive exposure to information technologies ranging from simple access control systems to the most complex incident modeling and logistic support networks, IIT operates an internationally recognized IT security Evaluation and Test laboratory. Services include pre-evaluation consulting, product evaluations based on ISO 15408 Common Criteria Standards, and cryptographic validation and testing to the FIPS 140 standards.

24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center
IIT has a proven approach to the design, development, and operation of customized command and control and security centers effectively applying the most up to date communications, data management, and information visualization technologies.
• US Army Information Dominance Center
• Surface Transportation, Public Transportation, and Sharing Analysis Centers
• AAR Operations Center – IIT operates the 24/7 Railroad Security Operations Center. This Center coordinates information between the railroads, the ST-ISAC, and both Federal and State Governments.