Information Governance (IG)

Too often clients confuse the concept of Information Governance with other initiatives such as Records Information Management.  While inter-related, they are mutually synergistic with one another.  As experts in Cyber Security we understand the importance of information governance.  There is a need for organizations to take and have an overarching view and management of their information.  Understanding information’s value, protection, use, mobility, and disposition within a company will promote accountability.

At IIT we support our clients in the following areas:

  • Governance Oversight:  assess current governance practices, provide gap analysis and recommendations; create accountability framework
  • Policies & Procedures:  assist clients to manage lifecyle of information; create acceptable usage and data retention policies
  • Communications:  create a change management framework; provide training to educate stakeholders on policies, procedures and workflows
  • Technology:  information architecture design; technology selection, implementation, and operation
  • Data Categorization:  inventory; confidentiality assessment; data loss protection; privacy logging; integrity management


Our team helps clients navigate the fast paced changing technology landscape that continues to generate high volumes of data.  We assist in understanding and leveraging the value of data in an organization while showing clients how to protect and manage this virtual asset.