High Assurance Evaluations And Analysis

High Assurance Evaluations and AnalysisHomeland Security, which herein encompasses Homeland Defense and Civil Support, requires the cooperation of three major entities: the federal government to provide intelligence and long-range interdiction; the private sector to provide immediate protection of its assets; and state and local municipalities to provide first responder capabilities. Each of these comes with its own distinctive challenges that must be linked with the others.

IIT is the catalyst for strengthening those links. With dedicated personnel experienced in strategic planning, information and intelligence sharing, risk management, vulnerability assessments, consequence management, and first responder training, IIT is ideally suited to help tackle the challenge of homeland security.

IIT services and capabilities include:

High Assurance and Trusted Delivery
For nearly the last decade, as a vendor neutral and independent company, Information and Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. (IIT) has worked closely with a Key Critical Telecommunications Infrastructure Stakeholder (a U.S. Tier 1 Carrier) and specific USG agencies to develop the policy framework and methodology required to implement a high impact, Independent High Assurance Evaluation and Trusted Delivery program (HATD).

Click here for IIT’s High Assurance and Trusted Delivery White Paper.


PCI Audits and Compliance
IIT provides complete PKI systems lifecycle solutions: initial needs assessment, architecture design, applications development, system implementation, and turn-key Certificate Authority (CA) or a CA managed service.
Testing and Evaluation
Through extensive exposure to information technologies ranging from simple access control systems to the most complex incident modeling and logistic support networks, IIT operates an internationally recognized IT security Evaluation and Test laboratory. Services include pre-evaluation consulting, product evaluations based on ISO 15408 Common Criteria Standards, and cryptographic validation and testing to the FIPS 140 standards.
Master Planning
Major programs require policy, strategy, and direction. Master Plans provide overarching guidance for management and include segments on manpower, security, logistics and/or investment with associated milestones, the historical evolution of the program, and identify the major participants, key references, and relationships. IIT has a long history of success in Master Planning, especially within the Department of the Army. IIT has provided contributing authors and action officer support to the Army Intelligence Master Plan. In addition, IIT was the primary author of the Land Information Warfare Activity (LIWA) Program Management Plan (PMP). IIT was also the primary contractor involved in establishing the Army IO Campaign Plan and still provides secretariat support.
Regulatory Compliance Assessments

Commercial: IIT can assist your organization in addressing the complex requirements of today’s e-Commerce environment. Our team will provide you with the information and tools essential to ensuring compliance with such legal and regulatory statutes as HIPAA and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act for financial Services.

Government: IIT can conduct audits or full assessments under DITSCAP or NIACAP. In addition, we advise customers in cost effective methods for complying with GISRA and IAM.

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