Managing and dissecting terabytes of electronic data is what our teams do on a daily basis. We have developed a multi-disciplinary team of IT professionals that utilizes a forensic mindset to process, segregate and preserve metadata in a defensible manner while making it available for review in a hosted environment.

Our project managers streamline the process and provide effective and knowledgeable guidance and insight to:

  • Processing Data: extraction and organization of electronic data for effective searching and production
  • Hosting Data: provide a secure and robust environment for remote review using leading industry tools and technology
  • Review: offer technical guidance to data mapping, strategy, and presentation of data
  • Production: lead privacy, confidential and privilege redaction services for production
  • Consulting: providing advice to develop the right strategy; assist interpreting complex technology frameworks to balance cost, timing, and risk


Our technical team bridges the gap between technology, investigations, and the practice of law. We assist clients in understanding electronic evidence to enable them to make informed decisions.