Digital Forensics

Our seasoned team of professionals have responded to thousands of mandates requiring a methodical approach to the preservation, collection, analysis and production of electronic data. We use industry standard forensics tools and best practice processes to ensure the integrity of data preservation and collections, whether it be for an investigation, law suite, or cyber breach, we always approach each mandate with the same forensic mindset.

Our team at IIT offers:

  • Forensics Preservation/Collection: forensically acquire smart phones/devices, laptops/desktops; servers; cloud based applications
  • Forensic Analysis: experts examine the electronic footprints left by others; substantiate activities; offer explanations for activities
  • Processing: extract data and produce in understandable formats; provide memos or reports of findings
  • Expert Witness: provide affidavit or court room testimony on digital forensics


At IIT our business is grounded in complex fact finding missions. We make the impossible possible. Our experienced team of digital forensic experts are detailed oriented and have the resources and tools to address some of the most complex cases ranging from data breaches, to exfiltration of data, ransom and malware detection and remediation.