Department of the Army Headquarters

Since 1995, IIT has provided information operations (IO) staff support to various elements of headquarters, Department of the Army Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7. IIT support has grown from originally supporting a small IO Branch, headed by a Lieutenant Colonel, to currently supporting not only a large IO Division and a Special Programs Integration Office, both headed by Colonels. Based upon IIT’s proven performance, the Army selected IIT to provide similar support to an Army Task Force, charged with developing technology countermeasure requirements and devices to defeat terrorist use of improvised explosive devices. IIT was integral to the evolution of the Army IED Task Force, the Joint IED Task Force, and the Joint IED Defeat Organization. Today, IIT provides extensive staff support to the Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Office (AAWO) for strategic communications, planning, identifying adaptive network threats and solutions, operations, intelligence, protection, and training.

IIT provides a wide range of services including resource management, database planning and design, systems analysis, network services project management, and data/records management. IIT also provides other information technology-related services, including strategic planning for information technology programs, technical studies and analysis, technology assessments, risk analyses and recommendations, process assessments, training support, concept development, requirements analysis, report authoring, plan development, integrated process and integrated product team support, and modeling and simulation support.

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