Army IO Campaign Plan

In 1996, IIT proposed the concept of an Army Information Operations (IO) Campaign Plan to aid in coordinating and managing Army efforts to integrate IO throughout the force. Approved for implementation in the fall of 1996 by an IO General Officer Steering Committee, the Army IO Campaign Plan continues to be the principle means by which Army IO integration is coordinated and managed.

The Campaign Plan identifies tasks to be accomplished, resources required for accomplishment, progress milestones, responsible and supporting agencies and status of each task. Since its inception, IIT has been responsible for the day-to-day management of the Army IO Campaign Plan, which includes data updates, provision of progress report documents and briefings, and recommendations for addition and deletion of tasks required to maintain the plan as a living document.

In mid-2002, IIT proposed a sweeping update to the Campaign Plan due to emerging trends in Defense transformation that IIT identified. IIT’s proposal was approved by Senior Army Leaders and became the basis for the Army Full Spectrum IO Study, which IIT was then selected to conduct. Study recommendations were presented to Senior Army Leaders in late 2002 and received immediate approval. The outcome of this study was a revitalized Army IO Campaign Plan, which has been seamlessly linked to both the Army Transformation Campaign Plan and the Department of Defense IO Roadmap.

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