1st IO Command

To deal with today’s information-rich environment, the 1st Information Operations was established and activated in 1995. Initially, IO was a compilation of several military disciplines that were dealt with as individual warfighting skills including: psychological operations (PSYOP), electronic warfare (EW), operations security (OPSEC), military deception and physical destruction. Today, IO has expanded further to include: computer network defense (CND), computer network attack (CNA), information assurance (IA), communications security (COMSEC), information security (INFOSEC), computer security (COMPUSEC), physical security, civil affairs (CA), public affairs (PA), counterintelligence (CI), counter-propaganda and network management. With such a large subject area, successful application of IO demands an extraordinary set of multipolar military skills.

IIT has provided that skill set since the 1st IO’s inception. IIT wrote and continually refines the Army’s concept for the 1st IO’s operations and the IO doctrinal base. IIT has participated worldwide in over 100 brigade-, division-, corps-, and joint services-level field training exercises and advanced warfighting experiments in testing and validating IO concepts and doctrine. Additionally, IIT provided the first cadres of professional military educators for instructing the Army-at-large in multi-disciplined, full-spectrum IO, and continue to teach IO precepts and methodologies at both active and reserve Army schools.

IIT’s continuous and direct IO support has been instrumental to US, NATO, and United Nations military activities in real-world, emergency contingencies – first in Bosnia, then in Kosovo, and now Afghanistan and southwest Asia. In every situation, IIT professionals are deployed early-on with their military counterparts, and remain deployed, to guide and enhance the IO campaign so long as US forces are deployed in harm’s way.

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