Information & Infrastructure Technologies

IIT is an American information security and technology company with +24 years of experience providing advanced and comprehensive vendor-neutral solutions to commercial and government clients. We specialize in reducing risk by addressing your specific requirements and objectives.

Our Core Capabilities

Comprising some of the best information security professionals available, IIT has successfully served private industry and government agencies, including the national intelligence community and the Department of Defense since 1997.

Cyber Security & Cyber Space Operations

Emerging Threats & Asymmetric Warfare

High Assurance Evaluations & Analysis

Integrated Risk Management

Infrastructure Protection

Intelligence & Threat Analysis

Information Operations

5G Technology Solutions & Security

The Latest from IIT


A Modern Cloud SaaS Compliance Platform


IIT has developed a sophisticated compliance management software. Alta IRM fully automates the compliance lifecycle enabling auditors to independently assess and certify compliance. Alta’s customizations can support 800+ Compliance Standards including CMMC, FEDRAMP, NIST, ISO27001, SOC2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA. With our “cross walk” technology information is effortlessly populated across all compliance standards that you select saving time and money and eliminating compliance fatigue.