Litigation Support

People + Process + Technology = The IIT Solution

IIT’s Litigation Support services include:

Computer Forensic Analysis and Investigation
Recovery of data using forensic techniques is often a key to the discovery of critical evidence, especially in cases involving fraud or deception. The successful use of forensic data in litigation depends not just on technical knowledge and skill, but also on disciplined preservation of the chain of evidence and the ability to explain and defend in court the methods used. IIT’s computer forensics capabilities were developed and tested over many years in the demanding world of intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism, and in recent years they have proven exceptionally effective in the discovery and analysis of evidence commercial disputes. IIT will help you to recover deleted or damaged files, reconstruct web-browsing and computer-usage histories, perform live analysis of cached RAM data, discover and analyze network traffic, and more. IIT’s experts do not simply operate sophisticated forensic tools—when needed they use the computer science and programming behind the tools to develop innovative, case-specific techniques to discover deeper levels of data and data histories.

Computer Incident Response
It is the modern litigator’s nightmare: persons unknown have hacked your or your client’s system, doing untold damage and copying privileged, confidential or proprietary records. You need an effective and discrete response to control and repair the damage, and you need it fast. That is where IIT comes in. IIT’s highly qualified information professionals will use up-to-the-minute investigative tools to determine the source, nature and extent of the attack, to contain or eradicate malicious code, and to repair or mitigate the damage so that you and your clients can resume your normal activities. We will also design and implement for you appropriate Computer Incident Response Facilities and Teams and technical and procedural policies, and we can assist in building and training your team. IIT also offers remote assistance and on-site incident analysis and recovery services.

Information Security Risk Assessment and Planning
Law firms and companies have professional and fiduciary duties to protect data from hacking and other malicious attacks. Government and private industry have long relied on our skill and expertise to protect against and respond to all such threats. IIT works with organizations to examine the threats they face and to analyze their unique vulnerabilities. We provide detailed testing of computer networks using commercial and proprietary tools to identify the latest known vulnerabilities, followed by analysis and design and implementation of the solution that best matches the risk.